1. Free Shipping


For example, if you purchase smart phone and accessory item(power bank or headset), then phone will be delivered freely by express carrier while accessory item will be packed in separate box to be delivered by small packet air mail which is not traceable.

In such case of purchasing more than 2 smart phones, then each phone will be packed in a separate box to be delivered by express shipping carrier.

*Please note that separate item except smart phone is chargeable.

*Please note that shipment carrier(EMS or DHL) will be decided depending on which country you are ordering from.

*If smart phones returned due to 30 days money back guarantee, then restocking fee (10% of purchasing amount) plus $20 express shipping cost will be deducted to refund.

*Currency at is all US dollars.

 2. Free Gift 

If you purchase over a certain amount of smart phone(s), then free gift will be given as below :

1) Purchase USD 500~, and get 3 free gift (Mobile battery + Charger + Chargeable USB)

2) Purchase USD 300~USD 499, and get 2 free gifts (Charger + Chargeable USB)

3)  Purchase USD 200~USD 299, and get 1 free gift (Chargeable USB)

*Free gift(s) will be packed together with smart phone(s) and shipped by Express Shipping.

*Mobile battery is 2500mAh power bank

*Free gift(s) is only available for smart phone purchase.


If you purchase more than 2 smart phones at one time and its value is $210 and $300 each, then total amount will be considered as $510 and free gift will be given 1 time only.

If $210 value smart phone and $300 smart phone purchased separately, this will be considered separate transaction. In this case, free gift will be given for each promised purchasing amount.

In case of returning the phone(s) for money back guarantee, all free gifts must be packed in its original condition. If they are not, we reserve the right to refuse the return. Please email us to for further assistance.

 3. $10 Voucher banner-img4_1000.jpg

If you purchase any smart phone, then $10 value voucher will be given to each smart phone after shipment completed.

If you return your phone for cancellation or refund, then voucher credit value will be automatically suspended.

Voucher credit can be used freely at for next purchase.